The Nurse Who Started a Foundation (with Jennifer Weitzel)

Jennifer Weitzel took a roundabout path to becoming a nurse – and an even more unlikely swerve into the world of running a nonprofit organization. For the past ten years, she and her foundation (Health Ministries for Haiti) have pursued a mission of improving the lives of Haitians by focusing on  the areas of Healthcare, Nursing, and Child Education. Today, she joins Jacke (and special guest Evie Li) for a discussion of why she became a nurse, how she ended up starting a foundation, and the surprising lessons she’s learned about what makes a mission-based organization truly successful.

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The Strategic Philanthropist (with Rahim Rajan)

Welcome to the Smart Awesome Show! In this new podcast, Jacke Wilson (host of the History of Literature Podcast) deals with terrible news by talking to smart people who are doing awesome things.

In this epsiode, Jacke is joined by Rahim Rajan, Program Officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who explains how strategic philanthrophy can help address problems in the nation’s educational system.

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